Sustainable world needs leaders.

Leadership for sustainable change is a course about sustainable world and how to get there. The course first introduces natural processes and environmental systems as a background to sustainability. Sustainability is then introduced by its principle and different scientific and practical applications – including circular economy. From there the course concentrates on transformation theories and leadership practices. Here the course grounds the course content to real-world cases and contextualises the studied sustainability challenges. The final part of the course introduces different theories and tools of learning and practicing sustainability. Additional to the content-studies, the course includes a Make-a-Change project. Students in smaller groups apply their learnings by planning a sustainability change project to a real-world case.

During the course you will learn:

  • what are the great challenges of sustainability and how are they related
  • how to lead change in complex systems, for example by utilising circular economy
  • what skills, knowledge and attitudes does a professional change-maker need
  • how to make and collaborate on a concrete sustainability project plan

The first ‘Leadership for sustainable change’ course was run in Autumn 2018 in collaboration with the University of Helsinki, the University of Tampere and the Open University of Helsinki. Next course is planned to start in September 2019.

The course material will stay available online and for free. You can study it independently or as part of your higher education studies. The course materials also include a separate section for teachers, with instructions on how to utilise the materials to a 5 ECTS course at any educational institution.

Welcome to the course!